Involve the personnel for the hotel’s operation, based on the efficient and effective operation of the hotel.

Defining the terms of employment, levels of remuneration, benefits and working conditions of personnel in line with industry standards and the financial budget for the hotel.

Repair & Maintenance

  • The development and implementation of training programs for staff retention, increase productivity and implement new procedures.

  • This would confirm team members growth and internal promotion aimed at the long-term development.

Personnel Records

  • Maintenance of employee’s documents and data for all employees to make sure that conditions of employment are fulfilled according to organization policies and Law.

  • Monitoring and appraising employees’ ability and performance in all aspects of their work.

Interim Manager Services

  • In the path of regular business, the higher layers of control might also additionally emerge as quintessential even for brief intervals of time. Organization might not permit for sufficient extra assets to cowl important breaks withinside every year calendar along with annual leave. Emergencies along with bereavements or illness can devastate a business – especially in extraordinarily aggressive markets and in far flung locations.

  • Interim management is the temporary provision of management resources and skills. Interim management can be seen as the short-term assignment of a proven heavyweight interim executive manager to manage a period of transition, crisis or change within an organization.

    Staff Audits & Appraisal

    • Workforce audit is a sparkling assessment of staffing. It presents updated statistics on personnel, and commonly consists of information on: Employee numbers, classified through form of employment according to the company polices and legalities.

    • Staff appraisal meetings is that there should be no surprises. Staff appraisals must not exist in isolation, but should be part of an ongoing process in which both management and staff have a responsibility.

    • It’s important for the success of the business that appraisals are conducted with an eye on the bigger picture, event happening every six months or yearly, but there should be several regular, informal conversations between manager and employee in the interim.

    • We lead a monthly review meeting and address any issues, make and take any suggestions. Share managements thoughts and plans and see if any training is required and also provide guidance.

    • On basis of the designations the attribute chart helps in evaluating every individual and can monitor closely driving them towards their personal growth and building company stronger.

    • On grades of appraisal the training needs can be defined and tailor-made training sessions will be scheduled.


    We provide plenty of transformational applications with the intention to qualitatively enhance your crew performance. Led via way of means of skilled trainers with precise area understanding and years of experience, we customize the education as consistent with your needs.

    • Guest Interactive Programs

    • Telephone Personality Training

    • Reservations Training

    • Call Handling

    • Complaint Handling

    • Complaints & Opportunities

    • Grooming & Image Projection Workshops

    • Hygiene

    • Sequence of Service

    • Anticipatory Service

    • Attitude

    • Basic of Services

    • Controlling Food Cost

    • Restaurant Cost Control

    • Up-Selling & Suggestive Selling

    • Communication Workshops

    • Supervisory & Managerial Development Programs Like Leadership, Time Management Etc.

    • Team Building Workshops

    • Appraisal Workshops

    • Culture Familiarization Programs

    • Specialized Hotel Skills Workshops